Are you ready to offer proofreading services

If you want to offer proofreading services then you need to look at some tips before that. After all this is a very important and difficult task and if you make money out of this you should make sure that you offer the best quality service.

The most important thing before you start working on a specific text is to make sure that the copy that you are reading is final. In other words there should not be made any additional changes in the content and the layout. Very often there are misunderstanding and troubles between the publishing companies and the proofreading services because at some point the authors and publishers may change the text and make the reader start all over. If this is not covered in the contract, then there may be some additional problems.

Another advice that professionals in the proofreading sphere give to their new colleagues is to have breaks every now and then because after a certain point your brain gets tired of reading and you may start to wonder off and to miss some spelling mistakes. This is quite important especially if you are not interested in the things that you read about, because then the chances that you will love focus are much bigger.

When it comes to the reading itself there are 2 different opinions. Some of the readers recommend that you read the text from a printed copy, because it is easier to read this way, rather than from a computer. Moreover, you can easily write notes everywhere and so offer a better vision of the corrections. Other readers prefer to do their proofreading services on the computer, because thus they can use special software that helps them do their job.

This is definitely a great advantage, but still the software can’t entirely do your work. It can offer corrections for a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes indeed, but after all if the software could do the whole job then there would not be a need for proofreading services.